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Ryan VanisOrr Vanis Orr is a tattoo artist out of Virginia (originally). Although I said the word "tattoo" first, "artist" is the keyword. His site is completely done in "Flash™" and incorporates audio features on buttons and animation between pages. He has photo galleries with his artwork using arcade buttons to move forward and backward through the portfolio. His particular portfolio is set up to load the pictures directly from the server as you click them instead of loading them all immediately when you load the page.
ProCymbal is a cymbal cleaning company that manufactures a machine that can virtually make your cymbals into Fine China. Mostly an HTML built site with plenty of Photoshop™. There are small elements of "Flash" in their large picture galleries. This is a website that will be continuing to change as ProCymbal's business thrives and I have to keep up with it. If you own or are incorporated with a drum shop, make a new revenue stream by leasing or buying a PC-2 machine from ProCymbal. ProCymbal
  brennaCensullo Brenna Censullo is a brilliant Pianist from New Hampshire and now does Film Scoring in Los Angeles. I used her Documentary page as a clickable example of a basic video portfolio. I personally like this site of mine the most, because it's simple, textural and it loads like a champ. I do recommend her "Piano Composition" page, as I do listen to her solo piano CDs regularly when I'm trying to relax. This is a staple of what a portfolio site should be.
  A serious Film Composer with star charts that are fictional. Devin Glass is a God among infants. With reverse recorded piano samples, you can make your own songs hovering over the links. Completely Flash and Actionscripted from scratch. A big thank you to Chris Rieder for fantastic color and targeting ideas. Everyone seems very happy with this one. devinGlass.com

This is actually the site that you're viewing right now. If you're unaware, then check again. If you decide to use members of VNMC to further your artistic goals, chances are that you'll see your final products on this site. There are plenty of "Flash™" examples on this site, which are fun, but also may diminish the capability of others to view your site. Not all viewers can browse like we can with our awesome computers. Remember to think about who'll be entering your site when thinking about what your final product will be.


  Bill Scott has ALOT going on for himself. This site is a stronghold of information about the many things that Bill does. You don't go to BillScottGuitar.com to see some new pictures and a twitter. You go there if you're planning on paying his fees and getting the latest tech updates on what he can do for YOU. There's plenty of info for you, me and everyone about Bill Scott on here. And once again, it stays simple and loads quickly. My two favorite things. BillScottGuitar.com

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